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Must be easy for when they have their hands read :-)


the 2nd pic. is that a hand of a woman? coolness...

Craig Wilson

This series continues to educate me - great job Sidney.


Wow! I wonder if they have tattoos on their gums too. :D

Ashish Sidapara

I would go for the om tattoo, if ever i get one :)


all the fantaisies of make -up !


Hand tattoos are more sensible! ;)

dong ho

the third one looks nice but i wonder what that chinese character symbolizes.

luna miranda

i wonder what's the next body part you would feature.:D

Wim van der Meij

I can imagine that tattoos on the back of your hand, or even more on your skull would hurt much more than on the fleshy parts of your body. Brr.


most these inmates doesn't have choices. they need to mark themselves for protection. i have seen some in prison because of my work as a lawyer and while some are pretty sight (like what you feature here), some are just plain nasty. great job sidney.


Toujours aussi réaliste !


What can I say but, oh wow! holy moly!

Welcome back Sidney!


i totally dig the hand tattoo. in fact i wanted one of those. i already had the design in mind but something always prop up. the 2nd photo looks very elaborate and tribal.


Must be the most common tattoos, I know schoolmates do tattoo in between the thumb and index finger.

Must have some inner symbolisms for these hand tattoos (as well as the actual tattoo themselves)?

dodong flores

I know the meaning of the barbed wire tattoo :)

Pieces of M.E.

the details are wonderful, Sidney! i can't help but say though "ohhh that's brutal!" or "that must've hurt..."


Exhaustive and fascinating work on this subject...


Ouch is the operative word here. =p


I just love this tattoo posts Sidney! Its very beautiful and great art and so are the way you have captured them!

Wishing you a great week ahead and again very glad you are back in Blogsphere again :-)


again, great work!!

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